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What is seekBromance?
seekBromance is a place where guys can connect if they're looking for more male friends. Whether you're trying to find a bro to go to a game or concert with, to join your weekly poker game, or to hang out with more frequently, seekBromance is here to help you find the kind of guys you'll gel with.
Is this a gay dating site?
No. Seriously, no. The seekBromance site is strictly platonic. Members are not allowed to solicit romantic relationships or hookups. If either of these is what you want, please go to one of the many, many gay dating sites out there. Lots of them are free, and some of them must be good. 

By the way, even though seekBromance is not a gay dating site, it's still a gay-friendly site. We will not exclude or ban someone based on his sexual orientation. After all, straight dudes and gay dudes can easily become close, platonic friends. As long as that's all you're looking for, you're perfectly welcome here.
How do I start using seekBromance?

Just click on the orange "Bromance Me!" button on the main page: you can't miss it. Enter your email on the next page and you'll receive a confirmation from Constant Contact, our emailing service. They will be sending you a series of helpful stuff over the next few weeks, which we created just for newbies. These emails are optional, but we think you'll want to see them. Don't worry, we won't flood your inbox. 

After you decide whether to opt in, go back to our home page, click "Member Login, then click "Register," which is where you actually start creating your account. Next, you'll be asked to create a bro-file to describe yourself to the other members. You can create it right away or come back later to finish. 
Do I have to pay?
You can use many of seekBromance's features for free. In addition to searching the bro-files of other members and creating your own, you can send "fist bumps" to other members at no charge. 

Also, once your first bro-file is completed and approved, you get 5 free contact stamps that you can use to send messages to other members. After that, you must be a paid subscriber to send messages to other members or use the site's IM feature to chat with them.
Is seekBromance international?
At this time, seekBromance is open to residents of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. As our membership expands, we plan to add other English-speaking countries and eventually go multi-lingual. Keep following us for all the latest news!
Is seekBromance on Facebook?
Absolutely. Our Facebook page lets you make us part of your social experience, and you can automatically create an account on seekBromance by logging in through Facebook.

Be sure to "like" both the Facebook page and seekBromance.com. We often award free gifts to our Facebook fans! 

If you decide to use the Facebook login feature, be assured that we will never publish anything to your page without your express permission to publish that particular item. We take your privacy seriously, and we always want you to be comfortable when using us on Facebook.
Is seekBromance a safe site?
Naturally, seekBromance is always working to maintain a community in which guys feel comfortable making friends. However, you should still take the same precautions that you do when you meet anyone online.
What is Matchfinder?

Matchfinder is seekBromance.com's automated matching system for its members. Once you join, Matchfinder will send you email from time to time as new members sign up, if the matching software decides that their bro-files are a good fit with yours.

How can I get better results from Matchfinder?

After you log in to seekBromance, go to the Matchfinder page and set as many or as few filters as you want. You will receive fewer matches as you add more filters, and more matches as you remove them. 

When you are satisfied with your changes, click the "Update Settings" button at the bottom of the page. You can go back and tweak your filters any time. 

Can I opt out of Matchfinder emails?

Yes. To stop receiving these emails, log into seekBromance, go to the Matchfinder page, scroll to the bottom of the filters menu and click the "Disable Matchfinder" button. 


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